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  • Van 22 september 2023 tot 24 september 2023
    At the end of the course, the participant will be able to: Use fluidmechanics properly in an aquatic MSK programme Describe the evidence for MSK rehabilitation in water, with focus on OA and LBP Use proprioceptive elements of posture and gait in water Modify the cases OA and non-specific chronic LBP as presented in the course Apply the clinical features of fascia resilience Use the elements of anaerobic strength training: power and Tabata
  • Van 23 maart 2024 tot 24 maart 2024
    AquaClinica is organized by AMTA in close cooperation with the Association IATF. AquaClinica will provide a podium for aquatic clinicians to learn interactively from the vast knowledge of distinguished IATF clinical experts. Introduction Taking a patient into a pool is a start of using possibilities that dry land doesn’t provide. A pool e.g. offers space, supports body weight, slows down movements, prevents falling, influences breathing. Designing a customized treatment program is different and challenging. The experts will guide participants through a case, based on expertise, guidelines, research and patient values. The result of the clinical reasoning process will end into design of exercises that will make systems and tissues adapt, based on the specific characteristics of water. The masterclass is grouped around 4 themes: adult neurology, neuropediatrics, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal. The clinical experts will share their knowledge and skills by providing the background of their clinical decision making during their presentations in parallel workshops. In addition, they will give feedback, suggesting alternatives, point out details and stimulate solutions during round-table discussions about the cases presented by them. Workshops will have a classroom component and of course also an aquatic part.
  • Van 10 april 2024 tot 22 april 2024
    Aquatic therapy in lifestyle diseases The course will address two main themes: - The cluster (neuroplastic) pain – sleep disorder – depression – bowel dysfunction - Metabolic syndrome, inflammageing, DM2 Keywords will be: The immuno-metabolic system: low grade inflammation, particularly neuroinflammation The heart-brain axis and the gut-brain axis Desensitization of the central nervous system Addressing the prefrontal cortex through e.g. gamification: intrinsic motivation to move Aerobic and anaerobic exercise, using a graded activity approach Mindful movement: proprioceptive exercise under the radar of pain Physical passive relaxation with active mental involvement The intervention tactics that are used will vary from passive movement in which clients actively relax to experience embodiment, to high intensity interval training addressing lactic metabolism in support of immune processes (balancing cytokine levels).
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