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Water Specific Therapy Network (WSTN)

The WSTN is a body that manages the quality of Water Specific Therapy as a (physio)therapeutic approach. It is one of the bodies of the Association "International Aquatic Therapy Faculty" (IATF), regsitered in Valens, Switzerland.
IATF consists of:

The board of IATF consists of:
  • Urs Gamper, chair person
  • Johan Lambeck vice-chair person 
  • Kurth Birri, treasurer
  • Rosane Barroso Caetano, members 
IATF is responsible for various courses, all related to the "golden standard" course in Valens .
IATF is cooperating with various partners like the:

WSTN uses both the Halliwick Ten-Point-Programme and Water Specific Therapy as an integrated system: Elements of Halliwick are used as a safety basis for WST, and relates this system to health problems as formulated in the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF, World Health Organisation 2001). See also the "course contents".

A group of mainly physiotherapists, of whom some were previously trained as Halliwick lecturer in the Rhine system of the International Halliwick Association, have been selected to participate in the IATF. These physiotherapists cooperate to develop Halliwick (and other concepts) according to the ideas that have been described above. The group is growing and continues to develop the state-of-the art Halliwick in therapy, based on the original ideas by James McMillan.

Members and (Senior) Lecturers

  • Johan Lambeck, Senior Lecturer, Bernex, Switzerland
  • Urs Gamper, Senior Lecturer, Vilters, Switzerland
  • Marcel Hulselmans, Senior Lecturer WST, Bad Wildungen, Germany
  • Anne Bommer, Senior Lecturer Clinical Ai Chi / Aqua-T-Relax, Bernex, Switzerland
  • Rosane Barroso. Lecturer WST,São Paulo, Brasil
  • Javier Gueita, Lecturer WST, Madrid, Spain
  • Conceição Graça, Member, Ovar, Portugal
  • Marco Barile, Assistant Lecturer WST, Ischia, Italy 
  • Eliana Lopéz, Assistant Lecturer WST, Mendoza, Argentina 
  • Jihye Lee, Member, South-Korea (presently in living Perth)
  • Gaby Wiklund, Lecturer Halliwick Ten Points, Aarau, Switzerland
  • Ben Waller, Senior Lecturer BRRM, Jyväskylä, Finland
  • Efthymia Vagena, Assistant Lecturer WST, Athens, Greece
  • Eugenia Hernández Ruiz, Assistant Lecturer WST, Queretaro, Mexico (living in Washington)
  • Prashanth C.G., Assistant Lecturer WST, Dharwad, India
  • Mariana Kotzamanidou, Assistant Lecturer BRRM, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Dipti Patil, Assistant Lecturer WST, Mumbai, India
  • Pei-Hsin (Patty) Ku, Member Clinical Ai Chi, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Félix Castellanos, Associate Member, Valencia, Spain
  • Paula Geigle, Honorary Member, Asheville, USA
  • Vassilios Panoutsakopoulos, Associate Member Research, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Brinda Merchant, Member, Mumbai, India
  • Sanne Lambeck, Prospective Member, Mook, Netherlands
  • Mohamed Zidane, Member WST, Cairo, Egypt
  • Suraj Shukla, Member BRRM, Kudal, India
  • Balaji GT, Associate member research, Delhi, India
  • Oguz Gucin, Prospective member, Kocaeli, Turkey
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